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"I have visited the website you mentioned: asifthinkingmatters.com – I love it! Wow."

Living Life As If Thinking Matters

"Dr. Wysong dares to peer into society's every corner and address even the most controversial of life's concerns. Never timid, but always honest. A reliable compass for living. Truly an opus!"

"Required reading for any person who would like to become an adult."

"There wasn't a single chapter that did not cause reflection, or an 'I'll be darned,' learning experience."

"Everything you need to know, but didn't know how to think about."

"An astonishing array of mind candy leaving a reader reeling in thought and reflection."

"The most unusual, helpful and hopeful book I have ever read."

Solving The Big Questions As If Thinking Matters

"I have just finished reading this book [Solving the Big Questions]. Thanks. It is great. I have taken notes throughout- it's also the first book I've read that sources Holographic Universe and points out some of the science from Conscious Universe..."

"Mind opening, life altering. My world was turned upside down, but I found out it was not right side up after all."

"This was hard to read at times. But as I continued I began to realize that my bristling was simply because of my passion for beliefs that I had never really examined. He helped me see that the only thing I had to fear was the fear of losing beliefs I had no business owning in the first place."

"Each of us stubbornly holds to ideas implanted in our brains by society. We seem to fear truly thinking for ourselves...I even felt tears well up as I discovered the promise that existed in my own mind-and for the world."

"The first book of its kind that does not end up trying to shackle the reader to some presupposed given truth. A true open-thinking journey; a real inspiration."

"A daring tonic teaching fundamental truths. A masterful journey through science and logic."

"This is a good book; it is surprisingly reasonable given the "weirdness" of some of the content. It successfully causes the reader to reevaluate the old givens."

"Eloquent—hopeful and moving, too. A tone builds through the book that leaves one anticipating real insight and real answers. It's thrilling that the difficult steps through science and reason culminate in the heart."

"I felt chills and the hair rising on the back of my neck. Not because of fear but because of the rush created by enlightenment and the possibility for answers to questions that I had long ago shelved as unanswerable.

"Iconoclastic and intellectually honest."

"...virtually soaked with illuminating ideas and fascinating information."

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